Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar



Eternal love of lord Krishna!
Yet so sweet and charming 
like flow of cascade as ripples over mellow songs of mists
silky touch of breeze sparks shambling shadow of green to embark upon
symphony of flute rips through emptiness to enkindle light of love
for core of soul to enrapture for divinity of endearment.

Immense void flanks across the embodiment of togetherness!
nuance of melody gravitates to blossom within,
gloss of moon suffles to murmur over leaps of waving tide to dishevel
as joy of eternity coalesces into spring of love abounding to engrave curve of red.

perennial intimacy elates to bloom
like flakes of fire from sheath of unstinting blue of universe
flints of flames sparkles to glimmer to form hue of luminosity
like dazzles of silvery shining grapses over gleaming whites of undaunted void to brim
flings of flame glint to enlighten eyes of cosmos in reflection of ardent radiance.

rhythm of rainbow prongs up in colors along myth of rain clouds towards humanity,
for solace to splatter onto desscicated breath of weary travellers
to encore tune of deep longing to earth.
veracity of belongingness disspates for pull of gravity
as tranquility iridescent fluxes to incandesce.



From bounty lattice of sweet home light of love braces to behold
arc of impulsion resonates to rise into cusp of rain bow
heart gravitates to hold falling mists into wings of dream to meld beyond soaring symphony.

red pulses to peek into glory of heaven in resurgence
let there be a enlightenment of soul hidden beneath dream and beyond
may be sparkling dew over mellow green of carpet to denounce silhouette
be the flaking crystals of fire from scarlet amber to flay either awaiting to awaken grace!

treasured tipsy satance flounces to conquer fairy land
like a saga of blue to utter wordless melodies to tune enkindled breath rocking sultry breeze
portrait of love oscillates to addle dream within
for musky blossom to ramify into airiness to unleash arc of joy!



Time trolls in hands of space less space of own ingenuity
in quest of truth unknown
smacking of complex mathematics from abacus.

Quest longs to belong another world of deep ocean
revered by evergreen tide beneath moon lit night
of own delusion
yet illusive way of vision at times rocks me
onto spumes of whites soaring heaven ward
to act on veracity of my faith and belief
since my inception!

dream rooted in me expands into roof of bournie
to go beyond to hold and to cradle
on mellow lap of love
for soul to brace beauty of own enlightenment
piquing up climes of new found land of elusive love
as yet undefined,

at times standing at Bay of ocean
I submit my dream to dive into deep of ocean
to delve the truth what is yet lost in a time Immemorial
protracted to prologue..

lest it may come up to play with waves to inveigle
those hue of soaring whites across void of universe
like Knight of night to guard in safe
against muse less possibilities elsewhere
to save humanity on this devolved niche of cosmos.

@dr.subhendu kar.

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