Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat

Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat



From yesterday, today, and tomorrow
We will always be friends and even more
We laugh shoulder by shoulder and cry
Separately like birds with broken wings

Life is awesome but short to enjoy
Some days are windy with swords that
Cut the sun from shining through you
I’d watch and weep with the clouds

People nowadays have the skin of a wolf
They smile like a ghost that can’t find
Destiny and mercy, but from you I saw
Baghdad and the days we are craving

To drink wine and other hard liquors
Can’t take our misery away for good
Perhaps my heart breaks frequently
And it heals when I talk to you alone

You’re the one I want to be friends with
Today is your birthday and so is mine
I used to walk up towards suicide
But not anymore just because of you

We are growing old and near in the future
We will be parents and great fathers
But if I die ‘fore you or anyone else
Take care of my wife and mostly kids

Happy birthday to you my best friend
I wish that all of your dreams come true
Just remember you are the greatest gift
And sweetest brother that I always wanted.


Blood and Ashes

They will burn my flesh
Stop me from having
Breakfast with a Buddha

Justice is no longer true
The judge said I’m sorry
But your worth blood and ashes

The fisherman catches no
Fishes but waves of a salty
Sea that he believes he’ll get

The pastor dreams about
Touching the face of Jesus
And ignores my heavy rain

I destroyed my bright side
Love waves to my attention
As death takes a ride home

I’d feel lost in between the
Shade and shadow, till I fall
Dead on earth and not in paradise

The promise of an angel
My last breath was the size
Of cities, my words were the unknown island

There’s more than one way
Home, and Baghdad doesn’t
Love as much as I thought ‘fore.


The Day I Will Leave Earth

I thought that you would come
And open my eyes before I
Learned to fly by the birds to
Catch the falling stars before
They die in pieces of a mirror

The day I will leave earth
The rich will be playing God
Mercilessly asking my parents
For golden coins just to get
My flesh under the ground

I sleep and never meet you in a dream;
Nor have had memories with
You, but you loved me after the
Soil swallowed my skin and bones
With people filling my soul into a cloud

You will open the door of my heart
And touch my blood pressure
You can see the burning woods
To feel my suffering in silence
From the nights, I cry from the times we spent.



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