Poems by Bindi Sharma

Poems by Bindi Sharma


Women day’s special

” Yatra naaryaastu pujyante ramante tatra devata “

Why should I not be proud of my past heritage ? 
This is not time bound
It’s eternal truth
A perfect woman should
Possess the qualities
Loyalty intelligence
Unconditional love
Dedication and humility
And boundless compassion !

This shloka was written 1000 years back
It still holds the key to a happy family
Where females are worshipped
There resides ‘God’
Worshipping means
Literally not doing
But respecting and
Understanding a female
Is given utmost
Importance in
Indian mythology
And boundless
So it goes

“Kaaryeshu Dasi”( Home maker , wife must be a good loyal worker )
” karneshu mantri “(good adviser like a minister in King’s court )
“Bhojeshu Mata” ( care taker like mother )
“Shayneshu rambha ” (romantic like rambha in bedroom , she is known
for her beauty and she pleases Gods with …..)
“Roopeshu Laxmi ” ( beautiful like Lakshmi )
“kshamayeshu dharitri ” ( A pardoner just like Goddess of earth )
“Satkaramyukta kul dharma pathni ” ( Goddess of learning , wife of brahma — perfect duty minded one )

Vedic period women ( Gargi Gosha lopamudra Maitrey)
Were epitomes of intellectual
And spiritual attainments
Embodiment of scholarly
And profound achievements
Vedas have volume to say
These women who both
Complimented and
Their male partners
To get acquainted with
Our forgotten past
Assuming all that we know is
What our English language
History there is few mention
There are innumerable
Examples of women
Who have been revered by Hindus
Impossible to list them all !!

Lalita maha tripursundari (who is higher than brahma Vishnu and Rudra )
Sita (intelligent self determination )
Savitri ( self determination and intelligence )
Anusuya ( for her humility and extreme power )
Satyabhama ( valour )
Lopamudra ( composer contributor of Rigveda )
Vakh Ambrini ( composer and contributor of Rigveda
Gargi ( the Vedic prophetess , created several hymns when King Janak of videha organised ” brahmayajana ” philosophical congress , she one of the most honoured member , she tested the sage yajyavalkya with series proving questions )

In the western world women have been playing a second fiddle to men , in mythology as well as in history it is unknown
In semetic sects the woman has been worshipped independently for her own qualities I e even in Christian mythology in case of Mary she has only been revered as the mother of Jesus and not independently before the conception of ” son of God”

Indian cuture and tradition does not consider women as “objects ” to be ritualistically worshipped , not does it sideline women to being mere wall -flowers who watch life pass by them . Women have always played an active and” important ” role inthe Indian society . The scriptures have suktam especially for women Goddesseslike Shri suktam , Neela suktam bhu suktam etc
The most exalted. Of all mantras – the Gayatri mantra – is also addressed to the mother of Vedas . Ved mantra Gayathri ‘. Thus we see that for all its hypocracy , rhe west has to be satisfied with Ruth or a Mary as compared to the Hindu women who were very valorous highly knowledgable extremely compassionate and understandably stronwilled women who were self – empowered
The upnishadaas and the epics address women by the epithet “Fire” the purity and the chastity of women in Indian culture was something even the Gods would be afraid of . Anusuya ( Atri ‘s wife and Sita are the examples of this . A Hindu who is faithful to his traditions would not look upon any woman except his wife lust !
Thanks to modern influence this outlook is slowly eroding away the Hindu mind !!! Sorry state of affairs indeed

Bindi sharma 8 th March 2017 @ All rights reserved



Fresh air to survive
With fake smile
Substitute your cry 
It appears hard at times
Only option left is to
Say good bye

Destiny pushing you to
Ageless body
Timeless mind
Drags you back
To your own !!!

Bindi sharma @ All rights reserved 27 the January 2017



The truth is we are all
God’s own loving
We are all humans
black and white means 
It’s your own behaviour
Which defines you
How black how fair
You are
Why human race be
So prejudiced towards another ?

Black wonders ! How can Gandhi’s
Country of non violence
Can treat us like this ?
People see us on the streets
They think what is this ?
Not even who is this
Why look at us as something
Not as humans !

When people talk about facing
Racism abroad
But they are doing the same
Within their own countries .
Black wonders further
When some kids see us
They start running away
As if we will eat them up
We are living in paradox
A country which got
Independence through
Non- violence is treating
A race in this way
They wonder why human
Race be so prejudiced
Towards another race ?

Why look at us something
Not as humans
People like Martin Luther King Jr.
Mahatma Gandhi as a
Role model
But it is true also
Africans in the city often tagged
As drug peddelers habshis and
Even cannibals by the
Community ( who are not educated )
Or who are not aware of country like
Africa and so on
Humanity restores the sanity of this world
It takes care of the chaos in the society
Aggrieved and oppressor can be taken care of
Poetic world is worried about
The destiny of the mankind
Though the attacks on each other
Were painful but it’s wrong to link
African row with racism
In wake of repeated attacks
On African nationals
Following which African nationals
reacted strongly
Attacks were racials
Political views very clear
It’s wrong to link this case
With racism
Infact these are criminal offences
And had nothing to do with
Racial violence .

Infact we dream a country of love
A land of hope rich in its values
Of peace and having good will to our
Friends who visit us as guests
We see God in everything
in all his creations even in our guests
so tourism ministry
Has this slogan “Atithi devo bhav ”
Emotional rapport that was
once our pride
Let good sense prevail
All over the world
Glory to God In the highest
And on earth peace good will
Towards men
So we are dreaming the world of love
Not of chaos but of sanity and

Bindi Sharma@ All rights reserved 7 th April 2017

with all good humans


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