Poems by Qaisar Bashir

Poems by Qaisar Bashir
The blood oozing sky
Canopies my mother land
When our tulips die
On a cheery bough
Sat a nightingale singing
A most mournful song
In memory of its garden
That grows but tears and sorrows!
Rise like a moon
To guide the souls caught in darkness
Unto paths right.
Rise like a nimbus in the sky
And strike like a lightening
On encroachers of you land;
Perish them – the big fat beagles
And their pseudo democratic homes.
Rise like the phoenix from ashes
To make up the loss: the tulips
Plucked in your garden
Where flowers live a wistful life
Robbed of meaning, of smile, of joy.
Rise like Jhelum of 2014
To inundate the Lotus – the blood thirsty;
Wash clean the pest
That tulips may grow
And bloom sans fright.
Rise like a tree cut for wood
To embower the burning
And penumbra the fatigued.
Rise like a lava from the earth
To burn the Saffron Lotus
Till ‘She’ turns into ashes.

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