The Silver tunic / Poem by Vjollca Tiku Pasku

Poem by Vjollca Tiku Pasku



The Silver tunic

What drink makes drunker
As the kiss of the kiss on your lips?
Which power vibrates more
As the power of your feelings?
Which caress caresses soft
As the horizon of the horizon above your lake?
Which bird flies above the celestial acacia
As the climax of your breath?
What Light of the lilies reflects more
As the light from the petals of your heart?
Which Star of the milky way shines brighter
As the star under your navel?
You cry, and your tears run over the cheeks of spring,
Delete the mar zens light and reflect the jänners ice.
You smile, play with the red ball of the sun,
Throw Him up and catch him with his hand.
You travel to the Makkah distant,
And the silver cord combines the two moon halves of the heart.
You sing with the voice of the dew,
Which calls the white morning.
You climb on the rainbow,
Born from the color of the fire.
You’re losing yourself
Into the pearl inside the sky.
You things and dye every offspring with green,
Where the green tick-tock of life beats.
You are the tunic of the angel costume,
Where the fleece of light is spun on the earthly spinning.
Where you are born, an angel of eternity is born.


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