Brief background

Born in Istanbul. Studied in Istanbul University, Department Of Archaeology and Art History. Got a master’s degree in Arts in Istanbul University, Faculty of Communications, Department of Radio-TV-Cinema. Attended part time film lessons using super 8 camera at the New York School Of Visual Arts.

Poems have been published in literary journals since the age of 18. Has seven poetry books published in Turkey and also two poetry books published in Azerbaijan and in 2016 and 2017  two poetry books has published in New York,USA. Poems translated into many different languages such as English, German, Spanish, Russian, etc.

For two years used to be a President of Turkish PEN Club ‘‘Women Writers Committee’’.  Biographies are in some literature and art encyclopedias and poems in anthologies. Some of her essays are in collective books. Participated in numerous national and international literature and poetry festivals.

She has a short theater play named “ forbidden chirpings”  staged at Hazar University,Baku,Azerbaijan.

Also has been continuing contemporary art activities combining different disciplines ( especially poetry and language ) since 1996. Participated in many solo and group exhibitions and biannales in countries like Germany, Norway, Italy, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Korea, etc.


Her Memberships of Writers&Art Associations

Turkish PEN Club

Turkish PEN Club Women Writers Committee President (since April 2014- June 2016 )

Azerbaijan PEN Writers’ Club ( Honour Member since April 2012 )

Azerbaijan Artist Union ( Honour Member since April 2012 )

BESAM.( Creators of Scientific and Literary Works Association) as Board member and Second President for many years till June 2016.



5 th International Azerbaijan Poets day (by the honour of Azerbaijani poet,Mikail,Müşvik,2013),Baku,Azerbaijan.

2015-2016 Coburg Rückert Prize Nominee”,Coburger,Germany.


Related sites about her poetry and art



Selected events for poetry and literature


Her theather play”Forbidden Chirpings”,staged at Hazar University,Baku,Azerbaijan.

“Solo poetry reading for a special art event”, Casa delle Letterature,Rome,Italy.

“Solo Poetry reading and interview event”, Casa delle Poesia,Salerno,Italy.

“10 th Kritya an International Festival of Poetry”,Kerala,India.

“A new poetry book came out “( dressed in time ),New York ,USA.

“2015-2016 Coburg Rückert Prize Nominee”, Coburger, Germany.



V.Tanpınar Literature Festival”,as a moderator,KargArt,İstanbul,Turkey.

Eskişehir International Poetry Festival”, Eskişehir,Turkey.

‘‘Poetica I International Poetry Festival ”,Cologne University,Cologne


‘‘Turkey PEN Club Panel Discussion,War,Women and Literature” as a moderator at TÜYAP Book Fair,İstanbul,Turkey.

‘‘ICAN ( International Civil Society Action Network for Women’s Rights,Peace and Security),Challenging Extremism&Militarism Symposium”,Şile,Turkey.



‘‘German PEN Center Board Members Meeting,Reading  with Turkish PEN Writers ”, Goethe- Institute,İstanbul,Turkey.

   ‘‘Akzente  Literature Magazine’’,poems published in August,Munich,Germany.

The Heaviness of the Roses ” Russian poetry book reading, signing and talking with the audience, In Bookhouse,North  Osetia,Russia.



 ‘‘4th  Ordu  International Literature Festival ’’ ( Literature and Cinema Relations),Ordu,Turkey.

‘‘5 th International Azerbaijan Poets day’’( Received an award, in honour of Azerbaijani poet, Mikail Müşvik), Baku, Azerbaijan.

‘‘Turkey PEN Club World Poetry Day’’as an organizer, French Cultural Center, İstanbul,Turkey.

‘‘Swiss PEN’’ ‘‘The Dissident Blog ’’ ‘‘Forbidden Chirping’’, a short play published.



‘’15 th of November Writers In The Banishment Day ’’, Turkey PEN International event participant, (With participation of International PEN Club President), Cezayir Cultural Center,İstanbul,Turkey.

‘‘Poetry Book Signing Day ’’TUYAP Book Fair, İstanbul,Turkey.

                                    ‘‘Spring poetry rain ’’26 May, Cyprus.

‘‘Special guest of poetry talk, poetry reading and receiving Azerbaijan PEN Writers’ Club Honorary Membership’’, Azerbaijan Writers Union, Baku, Azerbaijan.

‘‘Visual Poetry’, International Group Exhibition, Kempinski Hotel, Baku, Azerbaijan.

‘‘Guest poet and poetry reading for connection of poetry and theater talk’’, Turkish PEN Writers’ Club event, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Literature Museum, İstanbul, Turkey.



 “10th Sarajevo Poetry Festival”, Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina.

‘‘New poetry book launch (is it allright if I will not write  you any poem) and exhibition” , Piola Restaurant, Point Hotel, İstanbul, Turkey.

Turkish poet Sait Maden Honor Reward Day”,as a guest poet, Turkish PEN event, İstanbul, Turkey.

 “Kritya International Poetry Festival”,Nagpur, India.



‘‘Chief guest for poetry talk and poetry reading day’’, Archeology Museum, Stavanger, Norway.

 ‘‘49thStruga International Poetry Festival’’, Skopje, Macedonia.


 ‘‘ ODTÜ Collage 4th Literature Day’’, BESAM event, Ankara, Turkey.

 ‘‘Russian poetry book launch (heaviness of the roses ) ,’’, Azerbaijan Writers’ Club, Baku, Azerbaijan.

‘‘World Poetry Celebration Day’’, Literature Cooperative, İstanbul, Turkey.



 ‘‘Organizer and participant for poetry talk,poetry reading for the memory of  Turkish poet Attila İlhan’’ Literature Cooperative, İstanbul, Turkey.

 ‘‘Special guest for Poetry talk,interview and poetry reading day’’, Literature Cooperative, İstanbul, Turkey.



 ‘‘Poetry talk and book-signing day with other Turkish poets’’, Mephisto Bookstore, İstanbul, Turkey.



‘‘Poetry book launch(missing cities ) and  book-signing day’’.New Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan.

‘‘Turkish poet ‘‘Cemal Süreya Association ’’, Culture and Art Event ’’,Balıkesir, Turkey.



‘‘ODTÜ College 1st Literature Days’’, BESAM event, Ankara, Turkey.



‘‘Turkish poet Cemal Süreya Association’’ poetry reading day, İstanbul,Turkey.

‘‘Turkish poet Cemal Süreya Association ’’poetry reading and book-signing day’’, İstanbul,Turkey.

‘‘Turkish PEN Club  World Poetry Celebration Day’’, İtalian Culture Center, İstanbul, Turkey.



‘‘Turkish PEN Club  World Poetry Celebration Day’’, Atatürk Culture Center, İstanbul, Turkey.



‘‘Turkish PEN Club  World Poetry  Celebration Day’’, Atatürk Culture Center, İstanbul, Turkey.



‘‘Turkish PEN Club  1 st International Mediterranean Poets Meeting’’, Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey.

‘‘Yaşasın Edebiyat’’ –Turkish literature magazine event ,Yıldız Technique  University, İstanbul, Turkey.



 ‘‘Yaşasın Edebiyat’’ –Turkish literature magazine event, Kültür Collage, İstanbul, Turkey.

‘‘International Writers and  Translators House ’’residency   scholarship, Rodos Island, Greece.

 ‘‘Dar-ül İhsan English University 1st World Poetry Celebration Day’’, Bangladesh  PEN Honor Guest, Dakka, Bangladesh.


Poetry Books published


“ yanlışlar şehrinde randevu ”

“ rendezvous in the mistaken city ” (October 1995)

Liman publications,İstanbul.


“ hırsızlama aşklar, gri yalnızlıklar ”

“ love stolen, loneliness grey ” (November 1996)

 Liman publications,İstanbul.


“ portakal tek meyve değildir ”

“ orange is not the only fruit ” (March 1997)

Liman publications,İstanbul.


“ başka gezegenin insanları ”

“ people of another planet” (March 1997)

Liman publications,İstanbul


“ new york blues ”

“ new york blues ” (March 1997)

Liman publications,İstanbul.


“ özlem şehirleri ”

“ missing cities ” ( 2006)

Free Writers Society publications, adopted to Azerbaijan Turkish, Baku, Azerbaijan


“ eflatun sır ”

“ purple secret ” (March 2007)

Yitik Ülke  publications, İstanbul.


“ güllerin ağırlığı ”

“ heaviness of the roses ” ( 2007)

published in Russian and Turkish  ,Baku,Azerbaijan


“ sana şiir yazmasam olur mu ”

“ is it all right if I will not write you any poem”  (2011 )

Yitik Ülke  publications,İstanbul.


“zamanı giyinmek

“dressed in time” (2016)

   The Feral Press/ Prehensile Pencil Publications,New York.


 “güllerin ağırlığı ”                            

“the heaviness of roses” (2017) 2017, New Feral Press, New York


age of metallic loves
ı know you miss me, so
ı’ll send you the second me soon.
ı’ll be all dressed up in iron armour
ı’ll record my voice on cds
the voice proclaiming my love for you
my image on harddiscs
so lovely and posed just as you like it
we’re in the age of metallic loves
wake up already we’re after indestructibleness
we will bend death’s wrist yet
push the keys of your computer
and you’ll get my meaning
ı’ve shut us up tight inside it
our dnas and rnas belong to it now
ask and you’ll get all the answers about us
have you been missing my smell
soon it too will come to you
ıt’ll wing its way to you over the distances
flowers did you say,
ı’ll be sending you bouqets of roses
heavenly smelling roses of iron
dont say you dont want them we are
ın the age of metallic loves after all.
dressed in time
he took off every thing that was on him
stark naked his body
save for the watch on his arm
jet-black wrist watch
so he donned that wrist watch, dressed himself up in time
like putting on a black cloak
the year was the space quarter, the season winter
the day tuesday
life lived on the spur of the moment as always
the watch works ticking on
his body works ticking on, forever alert
time, ever so abstract
now melted, dripping
as in dali’s painting
and where the hands of the watch meet
ıs his most punctual spot now.
wish ı could get on trains
where would trains take me
wish ı could get on them
horse racing cars
screaming sirens
you can not look out of the same window twice
nor see again the same trees or houses or anything
where would the trains take me
to night-misted platforms
whose clocks never work and where faces are always half-veiled as if arriving from ghost towns
where would trains take me
who is the one who sits opposite me
the secret ı’ve been keeping all this time
the love of a single night is worth a whole life
where would trains take me
what murder would they make me an accomplice to
whose is the blood soiling my hand
the pomp of danger’s reign is worthwhile to live
where would trains take me,
in full gallop and breathless
could it be to the sorrow which has no ending.

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