Mother’s Day / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

Mother’s Day

Memories run through us
vaporous and dense
fleeting and clinging
to our deepest recesses
buried deeply within
the vast chambers
of our gloriously constructed hearts….

Vividly recalling those halcyon days when life was carefree
under the watchful eye of our mother
our only purpose……

Where did the time go
what led us here
to this place of granularity
and poison
hard to breathe
harder to swallow…….

we persist
we rise
take up our cross
whatever our burdens be
walk upright
in the dark of night
through deserts of sand dunes
skipping lightly on streets
littered with sink holes
eyes on the prize
whatever that is……..

Smiling broadly at those naysayers
deriding our naivete´
they know us not
we are unrecognizable
to their piercing scrutiny……..


We are the feminine voice of wisdom
once buried
long forgotten
longer misunderstood
now in full bloom
we are here
the new humanity
the new womanity
we are the
shape shapeshifters
doers and seers
we are tasked with changing hearts
from stone
to the milk of human kindness……


©Linda B. Scanlan, 2018

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