Poems by Dasharath Naik

Poems by Dasharath Naik
Stranded by time
me at a place unknown to me
in quest of paths to follow
till I find meaning
to live my life
however unpleasant it may be.
Somehow my consolation
in the simple things of life
now stands in my way of perfection ;
and me ,lost midway,
hammering myself
for making me straight and genuine.
Forget about the back-seat driver
Go on working against the clock
Even become a night owl if needed
Take the bull by the horns
Remember not any bad hair day
It’s a long journey from rags to riches , my friends !
Feathers in the cap
Means much more than anything else
Turn a deaf ear to your critics
Your work or labour
Already down the drain can’t be restored
You are responsible for your doldrums
Go ahead restlessly.
Breathe at fresco
Have a soft spot for the downtrodden
The destitute ,the guests of hunger
With kisses of poverty tormenting them all their way
Be fair and square in your manners
Never pass the buck
Face it yourselves
A sea change awaits for you
The result of your sincere and honest labour.
Something eye candy can’t bring any good
Be a sacred cow hand in gloves With your heart and soul
hold your horses
Strike a cord for your yew
Slay your impatience and anger
Innumerable opportunities are waiting for you.
Be enamored with charming island
And they will rise en masse
For a warm welcome and applause.
Life logged in knee-deep water
Its views now in total holocaust
The dreams to dream look utterly pale
As my wishes do shatter to no avail.
The death in the innermost core of my heart
Unexpectedly visits my royal realm time and again
Reminding me of my aims and aspirations
To trap me tight into the trap of name and fame .
The closer I see into the darkness visible at this stage
The more confident I do tend to become
The higher my spirit soars to reach the azure sky
The deeper I fall to ponder on my lapses at bay.
My voyage of life sailing smoothly against all odds
To explore the unexplored lands of my choice
My materialistic mindset falls a victim unfortunately
And I find myself lost or wayward thoroughly .
Where moves my sail and where to harbour
With my anchor failing to work so well
My spirit and strength gradually falling flat
In the face of time, so audacious and autocrat !
The whole world trembles
Celebrating Mother’s Day
Glorifying motherhood
Highlighting her ceaseless care
Unconditional unbiased love
Sacrifice,commitment unlimited
For family and dear children
While we orphans cursed to suffer
Bereft of her grace and affection
Craving for her lap but ahh !
Never in our lot; only a day dream !
Never have we known or felt her
Filial feelings never shared
Though born of wombs
Thrown aside, in dustbin or bushes For it was shameful on their part
To deliver baby unmarried
Or from illicit relationship
An issue against morality or ethics
Granted social system and norms
Brought up by ourselves on streets
Amidst barking dogs and beggers
Our playmates in all weather
Slept in bus stops,dark corners
Or Railway stations unguarded
Àmidst the unfortunate and shelterless
Spent days famished or half-filled
Drinking common tap water
At times cried aloud within but
Found none who could come to our rescue .
With no name or formal eduation
No patron/god father guided ever
Loitering and wandering jovially
Played fancifully here and there
With stuff gathered from garbage
Went wayward without parents
Learnt great lessons from streets
Some bad and some good to lead life
Fighting fearlessly in our world
To suit our purposes undefined
Begged from door to door or
Ate from thrown plates
Scattered here and there after party
Nature stood by us as friend and guide
Danced in glee yet sorrow-stricken
Lived but lived dead inside
Comforted by nature all the way
In sickness and happiness
We exist, grow and survive.
Lifting its head
the darkness looks around in search of me
from nowhere to everywhere
and my shadow slips away narrowly
to sustain me and spread my dreams .
All the moments green and golden
disappear in the air so silent and serene
me having nowhere to hide my feelings
swim in my utter helplessness
in the vast ocean of my cool existence.
The skeleton then seems to sport flesh and blood
my world escapes from the troubles of an outcast
as the patient in me is reventilated instantly
and an apparition in the distant horizon makes me dance .
*(c) Dasharath Naik

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