Poems by Dr. L SR. Prasad

Poems by Dr. L SR. Prasad



Me and myself never lived harmoniously at any period or point of a given time!
He loved to live in the clay pot called body fairly dressed up like a poem without rhyme!
Now i am talking about myself always lived in the attic that has no boundaries,
Even in sleep i dwelled in the realms of dream visiting the grottoes and dormitories!

If i were to be the person who is talking with you then who is the lunatic?
Are we that means me and myself are so often exchanging places automatic,
How do we recognise one another as who is who between me and myself ?
Is today a full moon day otherwise why i am talking to myself in this shelf?

Talking about shelf, tell me if you know, what is the shelf life of any mind?
Never mind! I know when it is full and burning then i go berserk and rewind
My springs, screws and nuts to reset my clock and its pendulum to the original find!
Why do you stare at me like a mirror with albinism whenever i laugh or weep without bind?

I see gods and demons, i smell rats and hawks, i fly illusions and delusions with no tension,
I am searching for myself in my attic to propose a treaty if not war without any pretension!



There we saw a flashing sign board-‘The world’s greatest grave yard-
Applications accepted on line!’- Meowing in rhyme and rhythm, O lord!,
Lots of cats were filling the forms on the http://www. Gratest.com working hard,
One must attach living proof of greatness along with PAN and Aadhar card!

As a proof of my greatness i attached my local MLA’s letter of commendation!
I asked my spouse but got a few lines on a tissue paper with scorn and serration!
Then with a pinch of shame i opened their website to understand the new sensation!
What a mind boggling site, they provlded with the receipt of your great application!

-‘Greatest of the greatest are buried here’- Have the neighbours of your own choice!
The categories are in lieu with your purse and professions of religion or race voice!
Then i saw the greatest dead poets yard where the epitaphs extoll their great noise!
There is a separate column for the great living dead to reserve their pit with poise!

Now the problem is how to become the greatest among so many living great?
So i proclaimed myself as the greatest world poet and made my epitaph grate!



When i was wandering in the world of the Indian lutes, they came alive as the divine nymphs,
Saraswathi, Raghunatha, chitra, vichitra and rudra veenas held me captive in their triumphs!
The jya ghosha of the hunter’s bow string the vil yazh made the way to the musical bow!
Aakasa veena, Audumbari veenas made the hermitages flow in the music of vedic chant glow!

A kudam resonator hollowed out of jackfruit trunk, with dandi a tapering hollow neck,
With twenty four brass or bell metal frets set in scalloped black wax on wooden tracks,
A tuning box culminating in a downward curve and yali an ornamental dragon’ s head,
The seven steel strings and the Thumba of a hollow pumpkin gourd as the support guard,

Four main strings traverse the fret-board from the right bridge to turning pegs of left end!
The three talam strings stay at the side to enhance the rhythmic emphatic blend!
O connoisseur! Now i turn on the shruti box to align the pitch, get acclimatised to the wind,
The basic notes Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni ( E, F, G, A, B, C, D) and the Octaves three you find!

The first string nearer to you say ‘Sa’, the second one play ‘Pa’!
The third string whispers lower ‘Sa’, the fourth one murmurs lower ‘Pa’!
Now the fingers of your left hand plucked my strings to the core ,
While the baby finger of your right hand struck my drone strings of score!

My spinal cord as meru danda and my brain as the resonator, now a human veena i am!
Lol! Pluck my strings gently, let nada motions spread in nadis the subtle passages realm!
Let my chakras the vortices of energy flare up with the awakening of the Kundalini serpent !
The three main channels out of the fourteen nadis are resonating with the energy dormant!

The twenty four frets or steps, the soft plucking kisses and the turning of pegs to veneration,
O dear! Your gentle fingers are kissing my strings and caressing them into vibration!
What a divine experience they confer on this mortal body to gain spiritual rejuvenation!
Come my love! Hug me and take me with you into the fantasy worlds of unknown destination!

Copyright@DrLsr Prasad 

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