Mother You’re Missed / Poem by Vandita Dharni

Poem by Vandita Dharni


Mother You’re Missed

My heart is heavy, mother,
as I recollect those tender moments
spent with you.
Your warmth breathed hope
to my darkest days.
I could rest, blissfully ignorant
of a deceitful tomorrow,
knowing that you had taken care
of any unforseen or forgotten detail
in the fabric of my life.
The vicissitudes of life
never plagued me.
your succour always pulled me through
the bleak thoughts that dwelt in me.
I could see a million moons beam
when you smiled_
it was a smile that spoke a million words,
telling me how much you cared.
You showed me the path,
lighting it with your wisdom
and experience donned in those streaks
of shimmering silver.
Mother, where have you gone
when I need you most?
As I await your reply,
I suddenly feel a presence.
A tear trickles down my cheek.
I hear the wind moan
echoing my pain.
I feel something on my head
and it dawns on me
that you have showered your love
through heavenly tears
that moisten my hair, my cheek
and the core of my soul.
I am content now that
somehow, somewhere, we’re still connected.
A calmness transcends and I feel
loved, blessed and cherished.

Copyright@ Vandita Dharni. All Rights Reserved 2018.


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