Poems by Madhu Jaiswal

Poems by Madhu Jaiswal
The starlit sky.
Staring blankly.
Omnipresent around.
Though it is,
placid calm night.
Cool breeze blowing,
soothing to the skin.
Aflame inside.
Trees nod in affirmation.
Darkness perceives.
Devoid of the serenity.
Bosom feels heavy.
Stuck in contemplation.
Time stand still.
Futuristic dilemma.
Appetencies encore.
Persistent now.
A void;
that’s configuring
in silent zones,
deep within.
and one
Unethical Etched penumbra of life.
Inamorata in dark nights glorified.
Silent zones perceived.
Retrieved in a deep slumber.
Loneliness adhered deep down.
Deception and acceptance.
Witherance and refraction of light.
Slaying silently in dreams.
The aorta of life breathes within.
Closing my eyes drifting off.
In virtue of a better beautiful dawn.
That have colourful hues.
Vibrancy of accuracy.
Peaceful delights.
Acropolis hise.

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