Stacia Lynn Reynolds (USA)

Stacia Lynn Reynolds (USA)
Stacia Lynn Reynolds’s Biography: Stacia Lynn Reynolds is a Poet, Freelance Writer, Editor, Executive Editor of Our Poetry Archive, and the author of Escape Down the Roman Road. Her life’s goal is to encourage others with her words and actions. Her heart’s desire is peace, harmony, and appreciation of all people, all over the world. You can find Stacia’s book, Escape Down the Roman Road, through her publishing company WestBow Press at:
Winds of Change: Sonnet I
Winds of change renew the hues of seasons,
States of disposition framing the mind.
Why art thou bliss when ignoring hues tones?
Beauty of state why art thou so blind?
Do not the winds restore thou winsomeness?
Why thou come not what is appreciative?
Does not nature perceive its peacefulness?
Does thy mind distort when deflective?
Emerging in oneself is forgetting.
Night or day or spring or fall art visions.
Change of wind hues a glow art enthralling.
Hues’ inspirations give soul perceptions.
Winds of change, due seasons of thy mind’s eye,
Art, thou journey to begin, and then fly.
Life’s an Enigma: Sonnet II
Life’s an enigma, mythological
It twists the mind of the songsmith’s lyric
The perplexity of a parable.
The sphinx proposes her riddles’ havoc.
Will the enticement of lure bring its death?
A place surrounded by shadow’s color.
Small glimpse, vision appears- exhales her breath
Why embrace mendacity of dolor?
Life’s anthem will rise upon thy depths seen.
Passions of sorrow shall not encamp thee,
Making clear the melody of the queen
Shedding light upon the allegory.
A promising hope of lucidity,
Bringing to life perfect serenity.
Enchanted Plains: Sonnet
To define the land of enchanted plains
Where mountain peaks rise into heaven,
And seas, rivers, streams drink the rains;
Beasts roam the land’s altering leaven.
Men armed and battle ready; do patrol
The sacred stairs to the king’s grand castle,
Set upon the highest hill to control
Savages n’ thieves; the kingdom’s hassle.
A critical force, is its protection.
Perception of one’s eye, is enraptured
Of the grand view and water’s reflection
Of one’s inner soul’s intention captured.
For reasons, obvious, the beasts and king
Vigilance due treachery; armies bring
Sacred stability for all to cling.

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