Last Breath / Poem by Agim Desku

Poem by Agim Desku


Last Breath

For my tribe and I
Song and war
Are the identical journey 
To keep the oath alive

The sun
Is the last breath
That holds my
Spirit alive

Were the last
When they called
My name

Why I protected
My oath
And the land
That was robbed

And end of life
I connected with the bone
Of the land

I’ve destroyed
My fear
While I was singing


In this poem, the writer Agim Desku, was referring to the battles that Albanian people have gone through many times.
“Song” is a symbol of not giving up. Music (“song”) provides them the strength they needed during that period of time. 
The “oath” known as “BESA” is a tradition that Albanians have in their culture. Being trustworthy is very important to them as they promise to protect their land and its people. 
When the poet mentions “Gods”, he is referring to all beliefs and religions. 
The “Sun” gives him hope for a better future..
“”Bone” of the land” means he will die for the freedom of his Country



Për mua dhe fisin tim
Kënga dhe lufta
Janë i njëjti udhëtim
Për ta mbajtur besën 
Të gjallë.
Më është fryma e fundit
Që ma mbanë në jetë
Fjalën e shejtë.
Nëse janë të fundit 
Kur më goditën
Në emër.
Pse mbrojta 
Dhe tokën 
E grabitur.
Dhe fundin e jetës
E lidha për ashtin 
E tokës.
Ia mbyta vetes
Deri sa këndoja


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