Mid summer delights… / Poem by Akshaya Kumar Das 

Poem by Akshaya Kumar Das 


Mid summer delights..
Rains visit the earth,
bathed the earth midnight,
Wind,lightening & thunder,
Joined to fulfil the hunger,
It was middle of summer,

Irresistibly hot was the climate,
Flora, fauna & greenery felt so intimate,
Summer had blown too much of heat,
Earth was feeling too much of thirst,

The heavenly shower ,
Lasted for hours,
With the roaring band of thunder,
Clash of the titanic clouds played their number,

Weather spraying a feeling of monsoon,
Entire creativity bowing to the heaven,
Clouds had amassed to shower Rains,
Healing the earth from summer heat pains,

The atmosphere was conditioned,
Once The nature’s air conditioner was opened,
The entire creativity revelled,
With the weather turning cold,

Life was smiling to the downpour,
The drizzling drops had wet the vast pastures,
Dreams blooming like flower in summer,
Petals drenched with raindrops looked happier,

(c) Akshaya Kumar Das from Bhubaneswar, 
13-5-2018, 6:15


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