Preface for Atunis  Galaxy Anthology / By Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Preface for Atunis  Galaxy Anthology

Outstanding Poetry is born when the body, mind and soul in perfect coordination connect to the deeper sub conscience and reveal the universal values, truth and emotions with wisdom and genuine psychological insight.

Atunis Galaxy Anthology 2018 edited and published by editor and eminent poet and novelist,
Agron Shele brings high caliber poets from all continents of the world on a single platform.
All those poets are actively involved in giving poetry a high status   and helping it to integrate and breathe freely in the hectic societies that we live in. Through their powerful voices in verse
those authors are also involved in humanitarian services such as peace, education, human rights, and fostering a sense of brotherhood globally.

This anthology features the poetry of Professor Ada Aharoni, founding president of IFLAC, Nobel Prize for literature nominee, Adolf .P Shvedchikov and many other popular personalities of the literary world.

Atunis Anthology 2018 clearly reveals the power of poetry at emotional, social, historical and philosophical levels.  It is a call for the human race to treasure the written art and keep on cultivating their minds through perfectly-crafted refined verse.

This collection of poetry is a precious gem of the literary world and it will keep on shining like a bright star in the endless sky of words from generation to generation.

Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Mauritian author/poet,
Active representative of Immagine and Poesia
Editor and Administrator of Poetry and Creativity Blog


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