JENNY Lkhagvasuren (Mongolia)

JENNY Lkhagvasuren
She majored in English teaching & translating as well as nursing and currently works as a part time translator for one of the Mongolian Publishing Companies. She worked in International companies as Human Resources and Staff Development Manager from her graduation from university.
Jenny started writing poems in 2013 and her first book of poetry “The Happy Lady” has been published both Mongolian and English. Her translation of poems from Mongolian to English mostly have been also been published in poetry books.
Some of her poems have been published in the magazine “Poems of the World” in Illinois State in USA, in the newspaper “Sisli” in Turkey and Italian magazine as well. She also translated a poetry book “The Universe exits without me” of Inner-Mongolian poet into English and work on translations of novels and poetry books Mongolian-English-Mongolian. She also started to write short stories, novels and screenwriting, too. She attended in national and international poetry festivals in her country and Turkey. .
She recognized her true passion in life is writing and enjoy sharing her feelings with the rest of the world.
I shall build my house in my Saint universe
Where it is going to be in the woods of a mountain
A mountain nobody lives there
I shall enjoy watching the simple reality
I would not take notice of any deficiency in the house
I shall take pleasure of gazing at the birds, trees and the sun
I shall fly with the clouds, and I shall fall in love with the sky
Animals shall befriend me
I am destined to feel sad when I return to the crowd of the city
I know I shall urge myself to escape from it right away
Then I shall come to you again, to you and to the mountain
I know I shall write there until my pen would run out of its content
I would expect my soul would pass through layers of that horizon
My hands might not be able to hold the pen to write our story
I shall not be deterred though, and my inner strength would not deplete
This short cycle shall be rotating as long as the sun revisits our mountain.
I am walking home on a mild winter evening
The sound of snow crunching under my boots
I walk slowly in the empty street
Street lamps have just lit accentuating the unevenness of the sidewalk
Small spruces bring me joy
With their unbelievable green color
Glittering snow like a fairy tale makes me happy
My cheeks are rosy from the night’s gentle frost
The air is fresh with new fallen snow
Lines in a verse enter my head
I approach my home step by step
The way is clear and meaningful
Find a way to him like the way home.
I started to hear this word with 5 letters when I was in my mother’s womb
Though, I say it so many times
I didn’t start talking “Money” with my first word
I didn’t play to act like a rich girl when I was a kid
I did not complain about the lack of money when I had tough times
I could undergo sufferings with my spiritual strength
That is more powerful than money
I think the happiness doesn’t reside in money
We need to see it is impossible to buy peace with money
We can’t take the money with us when we die
You would see the money collected
With your evil deeds in your lifetime,
Disappearing transiently with a fire after you die
Do not regret for it
And you only must listen and believe in you
Your heart says that a spirit is the most powerful one
Then there will no need to worry about it
Nobody is born only for collecting money
There is a proverb “all covet all lose”
Endless love should flow from your heart only, not that of limited money
Give your love to others
Then you can feel peace
You never worry about recovering debts
Love is more important than money
But why money changes us and makes us heartless
Certainly, you have forgotten about heart
And it’s love
You do not want to think about eternal great happiness
Because you lose yourself in money
Love is what we are born with
But money is not
We grew up with love, but not with money
So we have a fate associated with love
We need to keep this belief in our hearts
Then we can take happiness with us forever
Then we can feel boundless happiness and peace.

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