All Embracing / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
All Embracing
This clinging to blood as a circle of relations
Is too narrow a stream
Let me O world ,embrace your vast expanse as one
Let me look at the earth with its mountains ,valleys , oceans
As a benevolent gift of exquisite worth
Let me try to swim in this torrid sea with detachment
A magnanimity is what I yearn for
In my flapping and floundering efforts to beat the currents
Let me flow with the ebullience of serenity
Accepting the whole of mankind as my family
The colours of humans blending into the amber of sunsets
The azure of the dome highlighting the petals of the orchid
The blush of the rose complimenting the yellow of the marigold
Let me await sepulchres and catacombs with open arms
Let me not hold my breath in awe
Till I get suffused with the Supreme Being
Copyright Lily Swarn 3.10.2017

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