Ebb and Flow..!! / Poem by Monika Ajay Kaul

Poem by Monika Ajay Kaul
Ebb and Flow..!!
Sea swells arrive and leave
ephemeral yet omnipresent;
rising, falling, crashing without fail.
Dispersing the light, day and night,
the hue of the water revamping
yet always blue, eager for a sail.
Never ever can I fail to adore them
as they whirl and caper inward,
to collide on the pebbles and sand.
Never ever can I miss to
admire the clinging salty air or
the crispy caress of the clement wind.
Aren’t they the unswerving belongings
of the boundless ocean-side,
present and passing..timeless,
always the same in each stride?
And..these mesmerizing movements
Choreographing my thoughts..!

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