What You Have Made Of Me / Poem by Santiago Ali

Poem by Santiago Ali


What You Have Made Of Me

Hearts are Savage heartless beasts
easily tamed in the sweet
temptation of those who make them
fall on their knees…..

Love is an angelic ascension
a bestial instinct
flapping in the sanguine thirst
of the warrior’s blade….

Beholden to your eyes only
I am holding my head
on my palm
raised in the sun
a beheaded beast is falling apart
all around you…..

One hundred years of conversation
I, You and the Lord
One thousand and one
more tragedies of a night
without you
how many secrets remain entombed
in hearts heavy with burden….

Sweet wetness glowing through eyelashes the length of a lifetime
lips tremble in severe ache
there is so much left unspoken
unheard and unseen
untouched and unfelt
Oh, how much less I have seen of you….

This is what you have made of me
an a Cappella whirling in
the barren beauty of a storm
windblown sand carrying daggers
in their thousand hands
digging deep in the wounds of a sacred rock
carrying empty cups of their thirsty prayers
cutting through the heart of
an acquifer
an avatar of water revealed in the stone…

A pilgrimage of all the exiles
of human geography
and birds and bees
unrequited rains and roses
that never reached those honeyed hands
acarpous love
a shadowless date tree in a desert….

Sandblasted and sun scorched
I am a thirst stricken warrior
with no enemy but my own self
a beast made of red earth
egoist lust howling at the moon
and if your love is a hive
and you are a Queen
lend me your venom….

Oh, my healer of the faith
sting in me all of your wisdom
instill in my every vein
colors of your light
pour in my blood the seasons
of all the meadows
kill me sweetly
the beast in me
so that survives only the angel
with its broken wing……..

All rights reserved 
Copyright @ Santiago 2018


One thought on “What You Have Made Of Me / Poem by Santiago Ali

  1. Santiago Ali….how deftly you take myriad options of words at your disposal and fashion them into another masterpiece….as though you are the chosen vessel offered to the muses through the handiwork of Divinity who loves you dearly…..perhaps at a time not so very long ago…even you…so aware and awakened had yet to discover the enormity of the depth of God’s love for you…..this is an
    example of that love at the highest level…..

    See, this is what comes to my mind after reading and then consuming your work….until we feel the love of Divinity …truly acknowledge our worthiness to receive it….then transform it into a kind of self awareness and ultimately love of self… we cannot embrace love for another ….it’s impossible …it simply does not work that way….oh, we can try….and the result is something ….but it’s not love ….it’s selfishness and we know it…..we are our own impediments to reaching the summit….without self awareness of how we are so incredibly loved…. we remain on the mountain but stuck at base camp…..looking up…..we see not the peak but only the clouds hiding it…so we return to the ground…shakey at best…. defeated ….perhaps to try again…..

    But you are not easily put off….you have scaled the heights and have seen the face of God….you see it in the mirror …you see it reflected in those in your life whom you love and cherish…..you see it in the faces of your beloved readers who see theirs reflected back in every line and couplet and stanza….this is how it works in the third dimensional realm when it’s working well….give and take ..you see that as the way….you invite us in to your world….the darker as well as the lighter side …it is all good…..and perhaps you see God’s face as it is reflected in a beloved ….because I’m convinced that is where we all shine ….when our energy and symbiosis permeates and enters the veins of a lover who require each other as nourishment and sustenance …..this is the Divine design Santiago Ali…how we, mortals in flesh…divinity in our souls participate in the creative process……

    All relationships have components ..some honorable, some less so…..we who are awakened to such notions are given opportunities to go deeply within ourselves….to explore the maze that is the connective tissue of our complicated and loving hearts….you have achieved this beyond words …..

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