Poems by Tulsi Shrestha

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha



Indeed, no one can imagine
Behind the mask of peace
Cruelty might be hidden
To ensure political gain 
Ready to contaminate its fame.

Advocator of human rights
Enjoyed the taste of innocent- flesh .
Without washing blood stained hands
Still claimed as ” A Symbol of Peace ”
Hypocrisy peeped out from the game.

Burning so many alive
Enforcing millions to flee
Massacre in the name of religion
Genocide regained its power
Atrocities exceeded beyond limit .

The whole world witnessed
Crying of Statues of Peace
Tears flooded from Eyes of Buddha
He was enforced to think
The criteria of Enlightenment
Might have totally changed …



You cannot bathe your bleeding heart
Without shedding tears from your eyes.
When circumstances and faith hurt
It is wise to release tears from your eyes.

Have a long rest in desolate park
Learn how to console yourself
Veiled melancholy will run away with dark
Your aching heart gets healed itself.

Tears detoxify evil spirits inside you
It is art to avoid discomfort within you
When someone suffers from his beloved
Let him cry to explode his own view.

Tear stabilises the rhythm of heart
It heals your griefs with passionate care.
Each drop of your emotional tears
Transforms into such a precious pearl.



When romantic dream I dream everyday
dissolves as line drawn in water surface,
then I constantly struggle with the death.

When I tried to explore my own reality ;
I’ve lost my future as I involved in past,
then I plan to purchase pleasure.

When I try to gain spiritual maturity ;
my faith and beliefs get distorted,
then I realize the naked truth of society.

When luck compels me to carry empty jar;
I’m enforced to pledge my own ideal ,
then I start to fetch my own shadow.

When I try to compromise with relatives;
my desires and ambition get raped,
then I continue to hug my own griefs.

When I attempt to imprison beams of hope;
I notice blood-suckers in name of preservation,
then I insist companionship with solitude and sadness.

When social prestige and blood relation;
measured in term of money earned;
then I notice the false worth of love and charity.

When I attempt to struggle with falsification;
my own society itself starts to hate me ;
then I get lost my unique entity.

When I get excited by heavenly day dream;
fertilized hope gets aborted out of womb,
then I realize the real meaning of mirage.

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