Origins of Love / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

Origins of Love

From there is drawn life
in supplication
he bows to the eternal female spirit
recognizing before whom he kneels …..

She Who Is
the Divine Feminine
Source of All
Wisdom and Truth
Holy Shekinah
our first mother
our place of dwelling
clothed in the dress
of flesh and blood
tissue and bone
She Who Is offers sacred sanctuary…….

She takes in his suffering
alone transforms
his tears into blessings
Holy Wisdom
and succor
where there is comfort
whispering to him
come – surrender yourself unto me
I am for you
I am your people
stake your tent here on this land….

He of the wandering lost tribe
He the wondering
Who Am I
he and she together now
putting down their anchor
in calm waters
after the harrowing
battering storm….

They –
the new humanity
male and female no longer separate
united in an eternal embrace
you have majestically created…….

Singing divinity’s love song
rehearsed by choirs of angels
and dragonflies and nightengales
for eons and ages
rhapsodic notes blended into a harmonious rapture heard as freedom
born in the baptismal fire of redemption…….

We all pass through
the dismemberment stage
molted skin is left behind
in the dying embers
a falling apart
a breaking away
a reminder of what we have been
a calling to new life in thine……….


©Linda B. Scanlan

Sculpture: Gustav Vigelund
Words: Santiago Ali
Married by: Gerrard Harris Chaiken

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