Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy

Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy


The Panacea of Passionate Kiss!

Kiss is a rare expression of love one gives to another one;
Thereafter exchange of kiss becomes usual courtesy in life;
Embrace and kiss between soul mates continue as handshakes
Between friends wherever and whenever they meet before talks!

Natural kiss exchanged between dearest ones brings closer
Two souls of same heart and mind on many matters forever and
such personalities are two bodies with one soul seen in pair
Whether life is hell or heaven as they are made for each-other!

Even if world is going to meet with destruction by nuclear war or
Natural disaster, they don’t have any fear as they are together
To bear bitter sweet life with painful pleasure sans any denial as
They are two in one soul both for joy and bliss, grief and agony!

With passionate kiss intimate souls are ever sure to forget whole
World unmindful of both joy and sorrow against hurdles or odds!


Small but Worse than Great Disease!

Air pollution everywhere subjects all to allergy
Causing nagging cold, cough and internal dryness
And no one seems to be out of its clutches sure!

Due to lesser immunity by old age, next to diabetes,
And Blood Pressure, all are affected by cold ever
That seems to be the greatest hurdle to enjoy life!

This cold problem caused by allergy often seems to
Give false diagnosis of greater diseases and the
Medicine taken due to them never seems to solve cold!

Cold, though a small health matter, gives greatest
Trouble all through the life leaving none free from
It so much that many feel ill for years together!

Lasting small illness seems to pose great threat to
All as if suffering from chronic diseases we know!


Human Sensibility is the Base for all Acts of Man Ever!

Without human sensibility, man is but a machine or an animal;
Also, according to one’s sensibility, approach has to decided;
Without sensibility, one is just a dead man walking in life;
Sensibility of feeling is the base for all acts of man is ever!

Sensibility only kindles all acts of man to do good or bad;
Sensibility is the cause behind one’s pursuit in the world;
Experience based on the sensibility of human feelings only
Helps and gives ideas to one to do creative or inventive works!

Great masterpiece of literature and human feats are acieved
Only by sensibility of one’s feelings that has kindled great
Ideas to express out one’s best within hidden long for the
Benefit of all bringing great reputation to the creator ever!

Just intellect or knowledge has nothing to kindle any interest
In all unless touched by sensibility of feeling that has the key
To make one happy or sorrowful causing great change in life that
Brings about realization of one’s self to do beneficial things!

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