Yesterrain / Poem by Nevin Koçoğlu

Poem by Nevin Koçoğlu
Almarina the sun is down one more time
and again the tempest of leaves
You know yesterrain
two sunny days added around here,
I turned my chair
and my face to the yard,
some labourers are streching a net around the trees,
the trees,
whose soul is in the deepest golden slumber
The fowl get fearful when the bells ring Almerina
I’ve never known fear.
All night, I watch the stars up in the sky, still,
counting the pebbles in my heart
this is all I can do-
Open all the shutters Almerina,
Shutters closed feels like death, while you’re alive,
This darkness has little to do with what time of the day it’s, really.
For the mountains are hushed, and sycamores,
are now the swans singing the tune of Maggiore..
My voice is chattering with itself now only,
reflecting on my countanence…
But Almerine, wipe your tears away..
Some even more loneome out there.
We’re erroneus Almerina,
while believing “the pebbles can breathe”*
the seaweeds can narrate the deep, the lake can speak with the blue..
we had belived
that the breeze would wisper a different story into our ears, every day,
It seems like it was the silence talking to us,
summonning us to the shore of this chilly lake,
just the silence, nothing more….
Let us walk now to the lake, Almerina, I want to go to sleep….
*Mahmud Derviş

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