“Mr. First’s World” / Dr. Brajesh Kumar Gupta Mewadev

“Mr. First’s World”

(Friend of nature, magical elements like witches, ghosts, supernatural powers, superheroes, and pet animals’ related poems and short stories)
Contemporary Literary Society of Amlor: Banda (U.P. – India) in association with Team Raghav presents an anthology of poems/Short stories for kids. You are hereby invited to contribute with your poem for the compilation. Kindly send your best poem/Short story in Hindi or English at clsamlor@gmail.com with the subject “Poem/Short story for Kid”.
Editor- in- Chief – Dr. Brajesh Kumar Gupta “Mewadev”
Editor – Varsha Gupta “Samprabha”
Executive Editor – Raghvendra Singh Nain
Genre – Poetry/ Short stories
Theme – Children poetry (Real treasure of life)
Language – English/Hindi
Line Limit – 25-30 Lines for the poem and maximum 1000 words for the short story.
Last Date of Submission – 30 June 2018
Guidelines –
1- Entry is open to the poet of any nationality.
2- One poem/short story per poet/writer is permissible.
3- Poem should be original, unpublished and plagiarism free.
4- Biography of the poet/writer should be in 300 words.
5- There is no publication fee.
6- A high-resolution photograph of the poet/writer or with his kid/kids.
7- The editors reserve the right to select the submission.


Dr. Brajesh Kumar Gupta Mewadev


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