Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo



You wiped my tears when I cry
You gave me hope to carry on my life
Lifted me up so high so that I could fly
You have turned me into a butterfly
You are my strength, my sunshine
My love for you will always shines.



Splendorous nature gives healing powers
Inhale sweet fragrance of flowers 
Relish the cool breezy fresh air
Healing touch of nature share

Listen to the flow of the streams
Sweet melodious song it brings
Peace and serenity on the mind
Problems and worries left behind

The charm of roaring waterfall
Music to the ears, enchant and enthrall
Cool crystal clear water flowing
Down the cliff, mighty sound echoing

Preserve and nurture nature’s greenery
Green plants have healing remedy
Herbs are healthy for the body
Nature healing power, some are spicy

Raindrops pouring is a blessing
Giving rays of hope to the living
The healing touch of nature
Calm the mind and soul in pleasure.



The bond between mother and child is strong
It is cultivated in the womb before a child is born
The labour pain she suffered gives the gift of life
A mother plays an indispensable role in everyone’s life

My loving mother, my guiding star
She has guided me near and far
A woman of high calibre and substance
Never fail in her duties in any circumstances

She is a source of inspiration
Who always instill confidence
Taking on challenges day to day
Loving and protecting her children in special way

To err is human, she is far beyond perfect
Her endurance and compassion deserve respect
Even though at times her heart is breaking
She learns to be patience and forgiving

She celebrates her children successes, accept their defeats
Her devotion and sacrifices, no one can compete
Shower her with love and affections
She deserves recognition and appreciation.


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