We are married honey / Poems by Linda B. Scanlan

We are married honey

how I love being called that
it has been so long since I was that
I’m a honey again…….

“We are married honey”

we have always been together
in some realm
that cannot be seen or felt
in some extraordinary manner
we fail to comprehend
for if you think about it
if we are soul mates
then isn’t it right to relish the notion
we have carried each other
in our own hearts
this whole time
since the time before time …..

When the moment was right
the universe winked
our energetic soul light
released into the atmosphere
all crackly and sparkly and delightful….

Particles collided in the waves
and swept by the tides and tides
found each other’s shore line
reintroduced were we
in the real
instantly recognized
as companions and lovers
notice –
companions first
the more important of the two
remember that

“We are married honey”

Your utterances consume me
words as ancient as the
Hanging Gardens of Babylon
another wonder
you carry them in you
a sacred temple which you honor
as I do……

“We are married honey”

What bliss to enter into sacred matrimonial union with you
entering holy space
a tabernacle
we stand on holy ground
we feel it
as awakened individuals…..

Boundless light emanates from you
it illuminates the dimensional world
you –
with your extraordinary vision
seeing ultimate realities
expressing what you know
in the way of the enlightened
what genius of hearts
it is that simple ….

“We are married honey”

Last one – promise
but perhaps the most significant
I know you in my body
I feel you in my cells
an offering
a gift
to give your body to another
as healing
intimacy at the highest level……..

Companions and lovers…..

“We are already married honey”


©Linda B. Scanlan, 2018


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