Poems by Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha

Poems by Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha
Silent Shore
Amid infinite procession of life,
someone, sometimes
croons to my heart:
The soothing accents feel like
the whispers of a gentle breeze
blowing through
rain-drenched leaves,
kissing the tiny droplets dry.
They linger like perfume
with a strong sillage!
Captivated and curious,
I hack my way
through the forest of memories
and get surrounded by people;
I feel lost in a sea of faces–
Oh, l wish to swim out.
Suddenly a familiar yet unfamiliar
face appears:
The aberrant feet of time
seem to stop
amidst turmoil of emotions!
I hear a subdued sound
like murmurs of a wave
lapping at the shore!
I feel the soft percussion
of lapis- blue water
and look at the sky–
A tangerine sky
with the big ball
dipping below the western horizon.
Echoes of the voice of evening
reach me,
but, spellbound
I keep listening to the wave
continually touching my heart!
Yes the time stands still
Amid the stunning splendours
Some fire-like roses
Rainbow of your ceaseless thoughts
Purple mist of blue roses.
Iconic morning
Lo unblocks her abundance
The world is swept off
As she pouts her sun- red lips
Love leaps out like a dolphin.

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