Poetry An Art / Poem by Vandita Dharni

Poetry An Art

Poetry is a therapeutic art,
a mirror to the soul.
It arouses the mind to seek
destinations unexplored.
Flashing through the mind like a beacon,
soothing it with the captivating cadence of an ocean,
flooding the senses with rapturous imagery.
The fluidity of free verse
leaves one creatively liberated,.
The exquisite metaphors and similes are woven
inextricably into the fabric of a poem,
comparing the most diverse objects so vividly.
Personifications breathe life into inanimate objects
while paradoxes are revealed through Oxymorons.
The sound of hoofs or harness bells
are evidently revealed through Onomatoepia.
Symbols heighten the atmosphere,
cajoling the alliterations to repeat their consonants.
Hyperboles are attention seekers
who spew out exaggerations
at the drop of a hat.
The poet is the magician
who concocts this magical potion of words,
weaving them together,
embellishing them with an aesthetic flavour.
The true essence of a poem is the poet’s soul
untethered, sensual pure and true.

Copyright@ Vandita Dharni. All Rights Reserved 2018.


Vandita Dharni


One thought on “Poetry An Art / Poem by Vandita Dharni

  1. Ýou weave the magic through your words..
    Your expressions are enchanting..intriguingly fascinating..you are really good poetess..just wish you keep writing n inspiring..

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