The clock / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
The clock
The clock had mysterious ways
It could race up like a sprinter on hormones on some days
Chugging along like a local train on others
The needles seemed to have a mind of their own
The cuckoo bird gonged the hour at will
That day the clock simply wouldn’t budge
The ominous tick tock grated on her nerves
Sending shivers of apprehension
He had promised to be home by seven
It was well past midnight now
The phone would sing that cheeky love song again and again
How many times had she told him to change the ring tone!
The doorbell chimed loudly at this unearthly hour
She picked up her scarf and walked to the door ready to shout
It was a uniformed man standing with his cap in his hands , head bowed
Behind him were four men carrying a white shrouded stretcher
Her heart gave a gigantic lurch and collapsed
The clock had failed her once again ..
(C) Lily Swarn 22.5.2017

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