Stefan Bohdan ( USA)

Stefan Bohdan
Stefan Bohdan lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife Margaret. He is retired from the architectural/engineering/construction world. He now spends his time writing poems and novels. His poems have been published in multiple books, anthologies, journals, Ezines and translated into Persian (Farsi), Arabic, Urdu, Nepali, Estonian and old Japanese. Internationally published.
As a child
in the days of the Lion and Sun
I lived on the streets
of Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz
I played in the ruins
of Persepolis
had a winged disc
visit me in my dreams
had a fireball
visit me in reality
now an old man far from my childhood
a hundred veiled beauties
cannot untangle
the visions from my hair
now a thousand wise men
cannot interpret
the poems from my pen
I remember the child angel
gifting me two books of Love
one of the Cross and one of the Dome
for returning the ancient coin
to the disturbed stones
I remember the child angel
who brought me inside
a mountain cave
filled with Sunlight from above
overflowing with a Freshwater Spring
I remember when my lips kissed
their reflection on the still waters
I became drunk on enlightenment
and was born the long-haired lover
with a wild heart and wailing soul
the future suddenly visible in my wine cup
I could now see
zero distance between heart and soul
I could now see
both sides of the veil
I could now see
the visible and invisible worlds
I could now see
outside space and time
I could now see
the Light surrounded by shadow
I could now see
the Pearl of the third heaven
whose name is God
I could now see
I must fight the fire
consuming all faith
I could now see
when I am under the earth
you will dig me up
and drink the wine of the forbidden fruit
from the skull of Bohdan
to open your eyes
Copyright © 2018 by Stefan Bohdan
Children of the Sun
dancing in the invisible fire
seek the center of the true flame
become blinded by its light
become branded by its touch
drop to your knees
remove the primitive masks
of hammered gold
from your pale faces
sever your feathered wings colored turquoise
no more sacrifices to false gods
or sinning to be forgiven
or destroying your soul cages
children of the Sun
you are broken into innumerable pieces
on the cellular level
on the mystical level
your connection to God
your sinful generation
your sinful civilization
ashes to ashes
dust to dust
the tongue of Truth spits
fire and brimstone
the fire of Revelation
swirling in your cups of blood
holy visions
dark shadows of things to come
seek divine madness
seek the code hidden inside the Word
children of the Sun
extinguish the flame of hatred
in your heart’s nest
or the White Doves of Love
will be consumed by
the invisible fire
Copyright © 2018 by Stefan Bohdan
Swallow the scroll
digest holy words
sweet as honey
the bones of
saints and prophets
like a whirlwind
of colorful souls
in the garden
of the God-fearing
beyond the veil
my eyes see
echoes of heaven
Copyright © 2018 by Stefan Bohdan

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