Grace / Poem by Stacia Lynn Reynolds

Poem by Stacia Lynn Reynolds



The point of life, the beginning of accountability;
Found within, a heart of sin.
Protected from birth, brought up in the Word
Still fell into rebellion; the sin of this world.
A carnal mind, which thought it knew best;
No consideration of God or the rest:
Including my earthly mother and father,
But most of all, my Abba Father.
Falling for the lies of the king of this world,
Who filled my mind with confusion; did swirl
With uncertainty, torment, hurt and contempt,
I had run so far, consumed by Satan; the tempt.
I was swallowed in a world of mind alterations:
Drugs, alcohol, became my medication
To the inner torments that circled within
My head; a carnival ride with no end.

All throughout this time in the world,
Thought was a Christian, heaven bound I should
Be taken up into the heavenly realms
Due attending church every Sunday morning
Along with singing hymns with the choir,
And lifting up sweet sounds with the bell choir.

One day a messenger came n’ asked,
“Are you saved?”
“Why, yes I am; I attend church every Sunday,
Though I don’t feel worthy to sit in a pew;
My life does not show heavenly hues.”
The messenger replied, “Attending church does not save the soul,
Only God’s grace from above; when you give Him your all:
Including your life, your heart, and soul;
That Christ Jesus came to save you; bled for your soul.”

Pondering upon the messenger’s words for some days;
Was guided to a church where I prayed
For my Heavenly Father, who sent down His Son,
To save this wretched soul;
Who was confused by the lies of this world
But was rooted from birth by God’s holy Word.
The Truth became clear that Sunday morn,
That God’s grace was bigger than Satan’s scorn.
The tormenter of my life since a young age,
Due to the calling; God’s grace did display,
Then wrote my name in His heavenly page.
I heard, since a child, God so loved the world
Giving His Son to save and deliver,
But found within much condemnation,
Until the next verse came to my attention.
God did not send His Son to condemn,
But to save, pour grace, unfailing love till the end.
The cross He bore is not mine to carry
Though I felt the burdens upon my shoulders,
Which were many.
Until the day; I fully accepted His grace,
He removed the darkness n’ lit my face
With the light of love; pouring His eternal living water,
Within my being; The Holy Spirit
To live – walk – in faith from that day
And not in my carnal flesh, which tormented my days
In the past – But a future filled with blessed praise.
Due God’s grace, I am eternally thankful
And promise to shine Your light to others;
For our eternal inheritance to share.
Thank you, O, my Lord, I am so grateful!

©Stacia Lynn Reynolds

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