Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra

Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra



Aroma of love
a rainbow after the rain,
In my heart, far away
Over the horizon
Red, orange, blue and yellow

Hidden joy and pain
Whispering memories of yesterday
Are alive in red,orange,blue and yellow
Colour of sunflower and raindrops

Can feel it, can feel the song of rain
The fragrance of first love

A flower garden on an empty canvas…

(C)Asoke Kumar Mitra, April,2018



Night seemed like the sea
Endless conversation
Jealous lovers with cruel eyes
Hostile wind in playful pleasure

A secret soul unscathed
Moonbeam piercing the night’s shadows
The lazy moon as molten silver
Desolate loneliness of the night

At the distance the shadow of blue hills
Miraculous moonshine
Passions playing in secret self
Moon and stars cannot converse with each other

Blood stained moon rises over
The seas…

(C)Asoke Kumar Mitra, 04-05-2018, kolkata,India

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