Who Are You / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

Who Are You 

Beyond this darkness
a light flickers on the far horizon
beyond this fear
is refuge found in your eyes
beyond me there is only you ……

Who are you –
daring I hazard a guess
daring I trip into bliss
and it always comes to this –

You are the sunrise and sunset
alone lighting up my world
grand orchestral symphonic music
playing endlessly on my heartstrings
the magic such paroxysmal delight……

You are the answer
to all my questions
the straight and wide path
leading to my destination
when I am fearfully lost…..

The sweetest song I’ve ever sung
notes blending harmoniously as one
soprano and tenor melding completely
a sweet anticipatory moment away….

You are the blood
that brings sustenance to each cell
quaking with gratitude
spontaneously awakening
being so generously fed……

You are the horizon calling out my name
a destiny designed by the stars
so artfully made
I and Thou
one soul bound together and whole ……

©Linda B. Scanlan, 2018


Linda B. Scanlan

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