MY LOVE IS GONE / Poem by Manthena Uday Bhasker

Poem by Manthena Uday Bhasker



My heart broke, shedding the tears of pain,
I can’t settle, Feel like my love is gone.
Time is extinct where we promised to be together,
I can’t adjust, I Feel I miss you forever

Where is that astonishing love, I saw in your eyes,
I can’t admit, the promises became a bunch of lies.
Your innocent smile, voice had a ravishing rapture
I can’t grapple it, I lost that moment of seizure.

The spaces we rambled seem gigantic and vivid,
I can’t accept, I’m afraid and being timid.
The world became a darkest place of mute,
I can’t wish, I would be in this apart.

Love is care, faith, god and blind
I can’t believe, I still have you on my mind.
Love gave me the pain as it cut like a knife,
I take it, I’ll travel with time through my life.


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