Poems by Ayub Khawar

Poems by Ayub Khawar


In Between Sea And Seashore

The world where ends,
You begin,
If we see the moon from here
Its moonlight seems to us green,
Resembles each angles of your eyes,
Here the sun in the sea,
In the sea of my heart pulsates,
If we see from here the last of coastline,
It seems as if it isn’t a shoreline
But your anchal,
One corner of which has been bound tight,
With the thread of my breaths,
Since beginning of the beginning,
And who knows,
The other corner descends on whose lashes like breeze,
I don’t know!

Here… where the world ends,
There dwell, you and me,
Wind, silence,
And in the silence,
The flow of breaths,
A feel of touch,
Where the lullaby of dream fondles,
The lashes, where waft beams
From the torso of moon,
Then they change colours into yellow,
Milky and green,
In an instant descends,
The flicker of centuries onto the unknown,
Waters extended beyond the sight,
But even then melancholy prevails

Here… where the world ends,
Where I behold you,
Descending into your own existence,
At that spot, in the green corner of togetherness
I hear another voice,
It treads softly in my heart,
Becomes a shadow of whisper between you and me,
Here… where the world ends,
Here at the same spot where we dwell.


The Heart Of Dream Be Revealed

Let the heart of dream be revealed,
Just as drunkenness reveals upon
The quivering lashes of the eyes sunken in love,
As in the shut books,
Possibility of a rose to bloom reveals,
As to the finger-tips, reveals taste
Of the virgin touch of love.

Let the heart of dream be revealed,
So that I could see
The drunkenness of the unrevealed puberty,
The same bewilderment which I wished
To string just for once on the thread of breath,
The same indecision
To which the innocent half opened eyes
Bequeathed a trust,
And fragrance of rose and jasmine.

The core of heart imprinted,
Sans voice and sans word,
The feel of imperceptible smile
On your throbbing rosy lips;
Then to my eyes you awakened like dawn.

O! The beauty with speaking eyes
You are the soul of poesy,
Time penned several episodes
Of the bygone age,
And the threshold of each chapter is stunned
Like a sealed dream,
There is neither any knock,
Nor any sound,
Nor any breezy word,
Nor any prudence.
Would that before this moment passes,
The heart of this sealed dream should open!
And I may see what the allusion was
Of the tale of your imperceptible smile,
Being the sinner of love
What compensation for the injury
I shall have to recompense.



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