Poems by Syedah Maryam Iqbal

Poems by Syedah Maryam Iqbal
Peace is what we all aspire,
We need not soldiers to hire,
As peace needs no crossfire,
Just intellectual minds we require,
Our differences, we should admire,
Or, we will all be in a nuclear hellfire.
War is at our doorstep with immense fire,
We need brothers and sisters to inspire,
To make us understand the meaning quite higher,
Of our birth and existence and our role to inquire,
The reasons connected to our need to respire.
On earth, we are the vicegerents of God,
Our mission is not minute, but rather broad,
We have to comprehend that we all are flawed,
But, we are answerable only to our Lord,
Our humanity requires to be awed,
As God has placed us all in human squad.
Image result for Human as God’s friends
Nature Versus Us
Nature teaches us peace through all of its bequests,
It has bestowed upon us the waterfalls,
Why do we need blood brawls?
It has provided us with sheltering skies,
Why do we become a reason for mournful cries?
It has offered to us colourful flowers,
Why are we engaged in a fight of powers?
It has donated to us hundreds of peaceful hours,
Why do we always require blood showers?
Nature and humankind are quite contrasting,
The skies are full of birds flying,
Why do we want the drones prying?
The waters offer us plenty of breed,
Why do we require our kind to bleed?
The soothing cool winds bring us downpour,
Why do we call for wars more and more?
The sun provides us with everything so bright,
Come! Embrace peace and end this widespread fright.

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