Poezi nga Rami Kamberi

Poezi nga Rami Kamberi   MOTIT, TË LIDHUR NYJE… Si një vetull, hëne Ra, buzëqeshja pranverë, me dritën liri N’sytë, e një nëne Që i numëronte varret, nëpër malësi Me hapat të vegjël, e kaloi, gjolin e gjakut Me shikime … Continue reading

Shtëpia Botuese “Mapo” publikon wëllimin poetik “MALREALI  të autores Irina  HYSI 

Shtëpia Botuese “Mapo” publikon wëllimin poetik “MALREALI  të autores Irina  HYSI    Autore: Irina HYSI Titulli: MALREALI Poema heuristike: Spektri: Imagjinatar Poezi: Abstrakt-surreal © MAPO editions Tiranë, 2018 Të gjitha të drejtat për këtë botim janë të rezervuara. Asnjë pjesë … Continue reading

Poems by Bindi Sharma 

Poems by Bindi Sharma    On international day of peace 21st September  “Every war invariably results in terrible tragedies immense waste and sinful destruction . All wars no matter how big or small , how nearby or far away diminish our … Continue reading


UDHËTIMI I SHËNDETSHËM I LIBRIT TË SHTYPUR, ATIJ DIGJITAL DHE BIBLIOTEKËS Evis ÇELO (Ph.D), MSc. Albert HABAZAJ, Harikla BEDULI   Department of Foreign Languages Central Library “Nermin Vlora Falaschi”, University “Ismail Qemali”, Vlorë, ALBANIA e-mail:evis.celo8@gmail.com e-mail: bertbiblioteka@gmail.com email: ikla82@yahoo.it   Abstrakt: Në … Continue reading

Naji Naaman’s literary prizes 2018

Naji Naaman’s literary prizes 2018: 64 new prizewinners           With 2371 participants in competition, from sixty six countries, writing in forty languages and dialects: Albanian, Arabic (literary and several spoken dialects), Armenian, Azeri, Bengali, Bosniak, Bulgarian, Chinese (three characters), Croatian, Czech, English, … Continue reading

Our Poetry Archive’s Anthology of Spiritual Poetry

Our Poetry Archive’s Anthology of Spiritual Poetry; “Beyond Borders,” has only a few spots left. I need a few more poets from the USA to contribute to this wonderful Anthology and online web journal. This international online poetry journal is important to me; as it has been a dream of mine to witness the beautiful tapestry of poets from around the world, coming together, with appreciation and respect for each other’s written work, without bias, hate or judgement. I personally thank you for your consideration, and to those who have contributed; I give to you my utmost respect and appreciation.

The last day of submission is 10, June 2018. The guidelines are written below. Again I thank you.
(Chief Editor; Stacia Lynn Reynolds)

Our Poetry Archive is extending an open invitation to you to participate in the upcoming OPA ANTHOLOGY of Spiritual Poetry “Beyond Borders” We’ll be really obliged if you would contribute in this anthology with at least 3 poems along with your current profile picture. You can also add your short Bio written only in 3rd person narrative. And please do send us the explicit confirmation of your permission to publish your copyrighted materials in OPA. Please do send your contributions attached only in one single MS-WORD file with your mail at the earliest.

Last Date of Submission is 10th June 2018

The Mail address for this ANTHOLOGY is opa.anthology@gmail.com
*** .pdf file is not acceptable!

Thank You
The Editorial Board
Our Poetry Archive.

****OPA Anthology; of Spiritual Poetry, “Beyond Borders,” will be a collaboration of poems directed toward spirituality. The topic may include, relate to, or consist of any spiritual matter of: spirit, soul, religion, spiritual morality, sacred matters, including meditation, devoutness, dedication, faith, etc.; as well as spiritual qualities, tendencies, believes, perceptions, insights, and/or the overall expansion of the mind into a spiritual place and/or time.


1) Every submission should be of at least 3 poems
2) Number of poems can be up to 10
3) No line limits for the poems.
4) The English version of the poems might be followed by the original version (Only in Latin/Roman script)
5) The Anthology will be published only over the internet. No Hard Copy will be published.
6) Short Bio is necessary, it may be of around 300 words….may be less or more…
7) Current Profile picture is a must, without which no poem will be published..
The explicit confirmation of poet’s permission to publish his/her copyrighted materials in OPA is mandatory
9) .PDF file will not be accepted.
10) All the poems along with the Author’s short BIO and the explicit confirmation of poet’s permission should be send only in one MS-WORD file.
11) THE MAIL ADDDRESS FOR THE ANTHOLOGY IS opa.anthology@gmail.com
12) Copyright will remain only with the poets.


By: Stacia Lynn Reynolds


Poezi nga Tefta Sala

Poezi nga Tefta Sala     ***   Kush je ti ? Trimi prej letre, apo dashnori që griste me thonj fustanet e shkurtra të gocave të lagjies, kur ato tregoheshin mosmirnjohëse ndaj një komplimenti idiot. Kush je ti? Ëndërrimtari … Continue reading