Light at Night / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

Light at Night

Stepping outside
into the cool night air
breathing deeply
glancing at the western sky
losing breath
witness to a langorous sunset
oceans of calm
holding onto the last vestiges of daylight relinquishing reluctantly
that life giving power to amaze…..

Seeing the deepening colors of blue
defying description
except perhaps
one could say
it gently drew me in to some higher place
and no one could ridicule me
for mistaking it as home……..

Turning eastward
a new scene in the retreating dusk
there she was
a comely gem
draped in black velvet
a jewel of burnished luster
a perfectly round orb
revealing herself
not quite optic white
not ivory either
but a whiter shade of pale
for night
what women doesn’t desire
to be
gazed upon lovingly
by a secret admirer
as she basks demurely
in trembling flickering candlelight……

How fortunate I
to step outdoors as honored guest
to a galactic light show
created for us
or an audience of one
so look up
look upon the vanishing clouds
where behind them lie
a universe
awaiting our surprise
gazing down
loving us
as much
as all of heaven will allow……..


©Linda B. Scanlan, 2018

Photo: © courtesy of Sheila Finamore

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