Poems by Bindi Sharma 

Poems by Bindi Sharma 


On international day of peace 21st September 

“Every war invariably results in terrible tragedies immense waste and sinful destruction .
All wars no matter how big or small ,
how nearby or far away diminish our humanity to a barberic level “

World scene in doldrums
Dull listless depressed low spirits
Indeed depressed state of mind !
Life is at standstill
To see peace in tendum
Why we all act barberic ?
Here there and everywhere
Why fight for small ends
unworthy of humanity
Are we ghosts of prehistoric age ?
Where for hunger each one kills
To quench your thirst
Why being barberic ?
We are killing children
Burning homes
In the name of developed nations
What a farce ?

Why breed hate to live kill and
satisfy our ego
Is it atrocities once done to you
Are repeated to pay back
With the same coin to
Satisfy your soul divine
Stop here once for all to
Breathe in the air for peace
In the land of Buddhism
Is this we give the world back
The message of hate ?
In most barberic fashion are we
Now short of passion for humanity ?
Peaceful minds never hurt others !
Bring ray of hope and light
Which passes through our mind
Save this day in the hope for
Valley of peace and love !!!

Bindi sharma @ All rights reserved 21st September 2017



Blue is man’s colour but
I like it because it’s sky ‘s colour
Vast far off sky you get freedom to move on
of your own
feel free from
That is a
Quality ripe
of life
As such !!!

Bindi sharma @ All rights reserved 4 february 2017


We five

Happiness in love profound silence
From childhood growing in smooth
Sailing atmosphere , in parents 
Loving care
It’s not noisy propaganda
It’s a submission of your heart
To ur soul of utter quietness
We are sky bound happiness
Echoes every where
Since happiness is supreme
No remedy for unhappiness
But it is a floating river of
Love peace and companionship
Of your loved ones

“Vac” is a Sanskrit word
Speech voice talk or language
So when you are happy to
Communicate it to others
Through words and deeds
It is the source of wisdom
And ability
Happiness is veritable riches
I love you because I find
Peace in you !!

Bindi sharma @ All rights reserved 17 th April 2017


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