We’ve all gone mad / Poem by Nnane NTUBE

Posted on May 30, 2018


Poem by Nnane NTUBE


We’ve all gone mad

We see wolves as toothless bull-dogs,
Snakes, we take to bed with kisses ,
We’ve all gone mad
We watch TV in a house on fire,
The smoke chokes us,
We cough, cry, yet refuse to look for water,
The neighbour is an enemy,
He fetches water to put out the fire

We’ve all gone mad.
Men, moving with foamy bras,
Boys, prancing with ladies’ undies,
Kids, playing adults’ games,
We’ve gone mad. We’re really mad.

We laugh on the corpses of our siblings,
We drink bottles of afuh-fuh and
Dance in the butchery, letting our toes swim in thick clotted blood,
We feast with cups of blood at the butchery.
We’re mad. We’re really mad.

We mount motions of support to moving carcasses,
Boneless fleshes,
Weary fleshes,
We chant their praises;
Hungry mouths, tired mouths,
We exhaust all our strengths to chant a single note,
Tears in eyes,
Praises on lips,
Bruises in hearts,
Gifts in hands,
We’re really mad.

Yes! We’re mad!
We’re wild cats dancing with fresh fish,
We’re bush cats humming and dancing in the heart of fire,
We’re angels sparkling with vile minds,
We’re lions with a tortoise’s limbs,
We’re mosquitoes with a rabbit’s ears,
We’re parrots resonating the master’s words,
We’re a generation of mad people
Playing cards with psychiatrists.


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