FOOTWORK / Poem by Dr.  Jernail SINGH ANAND

Poem by Dr.  Jernail SINGH ANAND



The Lord looks at you
Like a child
Set afoot
on the floor
Who has learnt his footwork.

Sits back, and looks
What he is doing
Where he is going
And how you and me
Are directing our footsteps

Men are fond of their front.
How they embellish
Their face,
And how they love
Their form.

The front fighters have no idea
What is happening
At their back;
Because, no human, even
With the help of a mirror,
Can have a view of his back.

The Lord who throws light
From our the behind
And we are able to see
What is what

Opens before us a hundred ways
A million choices,
And sets us afoot every morning
On a journey of no return.

While we prepare ourselves
For the job
Coat, tie, pants, lipsticks,
And a hundred beauty aids,

He just looks from behind,
Amused at our tantrums,
And wait,
Which way we take,
And how we conduct ourselves.

The front our winds chisel
But our backs are the byproduct
Of that chiseling.
And it is the only man,
Featureless man, that the Lord looks at.

Whatever our dreams, passions, and possessions,
What finally matters is our action,

Our Karma and the step
That we take
The Lord is always taking notes
Sitting at our back.


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