Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur



In growing crowds silent screams I hear
On lonely streets cries echo far and near
In terror and pain of burnt tearing souls
Battle of survival in agony to be whole.

Outcasts of disparity and discrimination
Burdened by the loads of repercussions
A brave front by victims falling apart
Uprooted by unkind destiny they depart.

Darkness of days slipping in gloom
Struggling an existence spelling doom
Spectators indifferent to majority pole
Innocents get dragged into a deep hole.

Fresh air is trapped in chemical clouds
Man made sky with audacity frowns
Calm serenity is a thing of the past
Cocoons hard broken by a caring heart.



Letters of apology and forgiveness pile
On my modern table of floral glass
Dust accumulates on them too vast
Dirt is cheap and mud spreads fast.

Blame game and mud slinging is normal
Saying sorry for slights is informal
Bespoken betrayals are out of fashion
Hate without love is out of question.

Stress of revenge hide a lot of tears
Repented smiles bring out the fears
Good deeds are forgotten without guilt
I grab a pen in sanity, on paper to bleed.

My loneliness screams in pure agony
I want them back in my life for company
Unsent letters are feelings not shown
I cannot display emotions on the phone.



I am a lonely wanderer with beautiful dreams
You are my only hope to fulfil this it seems
You are the secret shadow of my pure soul
Your unwavering affection shall make it whole.

Love of a good man is my only addiction
Fragrant words in sweet melodious devotion
Your pampering touches are very lyrical
Ocean of love surges moving in spherical.

Our mind fill with joy in freedom of creativity
Giving space to each glowing individuality
Our heart complement every wave of intensity
Sacred fiery wind glides in desires of affinity.

We empower each other with sincere persistence
Romance of Adam and Eve displayed in existence
Abodes of unspoken pleasures is beyond description
Mutual admiration is a heavenly inspiration.

Jyotirmaya Thakur @copyright

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