Poems by Otteri Selvakumar

Poems by Otteri Selvakumar


who I am?

Who I’m
I am don’t With Ask My Body
I Am Asking About This Question 
My Father And Mother Comes With Fight

Who I Am
I Am Do Not Ask With My Mind
I Am Asking About This Question
God With Devil Comes With Fight

Who i am
i do not ask with me
i am asking about this question
my body and soul and
every minute comes with fight

who i am?
is the questions for me
how is it?

I’m is I’m
It is my simple answer
About with me now.


Meanings Today

Mother is meaning of love
mother is meaning of god 
mother is meaning of life
mother is meaning of friend
all about with mother
so fine…

what about your mother
today in real life?

role play with wife with fight’s

you bite and fight with your mother
each your wife words

Some mothers live with tears
in the elderly home

just you rich pay money
about with
otherwise nothing…

what about it?

so many meanings for mother
out of with …
today life

so I am
remember with
Mother’s Day fun
about some more pain
with me again…


A dream

Do not have time
go to bed
the bed is waiting
with a pillows
noontime dream
just alone
without me…

This is
Every day dreams
Not with me
My bed with pillows
All most for
My aches…


Breath With Earth

Breath with you
You breath
With tree’s

Earth is
So much fine
You both for breath
Global warming up…
Earth did not excuse
Dry and wet
Green way smiles
Tree’s plants flowers
And grasses rain…

With me and you
Every where
Every side
Feel enjoy earth
In your breath
With best
So must
Clean your
Mind waste
And dust!

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