Poems by Varsha Saran

Poems by Varsha Saran
Each of us
Is a story
With different hues
Of life
With different touch of
Stories that have been
Written and published
In various anthologies
Written by Divine
increasing the grace
Of this book self of life
A place of silence
And keep a finger on its lips
Strictly watching for
A perfect listner
A perfect reader
Who took us from this self
And read patiently
And try to understand in itself
Stories are untold
Without the touch of eyes and minds
Stories have no value
If its words are not displayed
Infront of soulful minds!
Rise in Love
I ‘ve fallen in your hypnotism
Surrendering myself completely
In your arms
Now , you are my everything
But suddenly , I realized
That we should rise in love
Not fall
Because people forget the value of fallen things or people
No one cares for fallen dust particles
With my full self respect
I am with my love
If he realizes my worth
He will make me a star
Instead of fallen dust
Fall in the ocean of Eternal love
And Rise
To conquer this world!!
Pout culture
Pout culture
In young generation
An artificiality!!
A pose of Sensuality!!
No naturality
Away from reality….
That we are not in the class of ‘Aves’
We belong to class ‘mammels’
Who don’t have any beaks
Or feathers
We don’t lay eagges
For reproducing our child!!
Whenever I see any pout
It makes me feel irritate
And I think again and again
What is the meaning of making
Stupid gestures
That are totally hollow
And no magic of
any beautiful dream!!
Varsha Saran@copyright

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