Poems by Sumana Bhattacharjee

Poems by Sumana Bhattacharjee
My Colourful dream
My colourful dream
How can be complete
Without him ?
He painted my life
With so many colours ,
Some are of smile and pleasure and some of tears .
How can I say
O my dear !
He is the reason of my burning desire ,
He is that feelings of my heart,
I never want to share .
He is that never ending dream ,
I never want to open my eyes ,
I afraid ! It may take me apart from him .
He is my seven coloured sweet day dream !
He is my supreme thought ,
He is my Absolute Being !
Fun and Frolic _ Part of Life
Smile ,fun and frolic
Give you happiness ,
Keep you alive ,
Even at all hazards of life .
Life is a playground
Fun and frolic is a part
Of the game ,
Keep you alive ,keep your spirit aflame .
Fun and frolic bring
sparkle on your face,
Relax your worries ,rejuvenate you
and enhance your grace.
True friends are such source of fun
Whenever you are with them ,your body moves but heart runs .
Sharing of smile
Some gestures silly
Some attitude willy_nilly,
May be some naughty joke
But just think !How much delight
In your life , they invoke .
Gust of wind
blossom of flowers,
Lust of breeze
flowing of river,
Roaring of clouds
flowing of rivers
Ripple of rain
Whisper of breeze insane .
Sparkling of thunder
And ocean’s blusters,
Whisper of breeze
Sometime listen at least ,
All are vagaries of nature !
Smiling of sun
makes us smile
Hills invite us to
walk miles and miles .
Serenity of nature
Make feel divine
Gratitude to God
We shower for a while !
Beauty of moon
Makes us loony
Singing of robin
Is such a euphony !
Embraced by naure’s hands
We feel so happy
World seems a cozy place
Never so gloomy !
When first time I met U
When first time I met with you
My eyes wanted to tell you
I’m really in love with you .
A world of thought I want to
Share with you , it seemed
From ages I have been waiting for you but
Do you feel the same as I do ?
It’s not your looks
Neither your alluring grace
that made me impress,
It’s your innocent eyes
Some untold words that you eyes told
Made me fall for you .
I know a little about you
But what I think is all about you .
You will never leave my hand but
Do you feel the same as I do for U ?
You keep complain
Why I didn’t say ‘I love U “
But I have a complain too
Was my gesture not enough to tell you ?
What kind of lover is you ?
Don’t you feel
My heart only beats for you ?
Sumana Bhattacharjee

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