AN ODE TO INTIMACY (Light.. Love.. Blessings) / Poem by Dr.Subhendu Kar

Poem by Dr. Subhendu Kar


(Light.. Love.. Blessings)

Yet friendship true needs no words to solace
as arc of blue reels through sky to adore
for soul to seek room of rapture!

silhouette utters soliloquy at sunset to scuffle
darkness scrambles to reign over its crown of kingdom
shadow ruffles to sliped away to slumber.

gleams of love enlightens soul to glitter
like North star by dreggs of night to weary sailors,
sweet intimacy reels through red in heart to pulsate
for glory of endearment to exalt in ocean of ecstasy.

Where is the hindrance for star to harvest moon in void?
as light from lamp post flashes its gleams of love to unleash elation,
for goodness to treasure in chamber of own greatness.

@dr.subhendu kar


A Review of above, made by our one of the most elebrated poets.. Dr. Damodar Baruah. As,
as follows..

There is a fine imagery in a fine and obviously emotion.I see some poetry raises such emotion that after reading the poetry and even after hearing the recitation of poetry.I see there are certain poets how they recite, how they inject motivation and so called inspiration, the shadow of those elements I see in this poem.

Needless to point out the words, lines of appropriate use of simile, metaphor -all I see embedded and undoubtedly I see the poet has good heart and has felt the intimacy of good friendship how much its essential, and how it helps one to be together to give light, love, blessing.The poetry has so much to say, in few words all cannot be shared not because I have not understood but lot to discover from this poem that poet wants to say universally.

Indeed I like the poem, alike many will share lines.Congratulations.
Damodar Baruah.


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