PIERCINGS / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Piercing your ears
to wear those pretty
dangling earrings
Was not the same thing at all
Yes, that hurt too
Every time you pulled up your shirt
Or combed your hair
The accidental brushing with
The raw piercing made you wince
And bite your lips till they bled
Your mother made you put turmeric
As a herbal antiseptic to heal the pain
Well , it did ! To be honest
The ear drops moved and swayed
While you glanced coyly into
Every passing mirror .
This spear in my heart is different
It stabs into my veins with acid rain
It punctures with sabre slashes
Gouging out morsels of my being
Like tiny fish thrashing about
without water
Harpooned with gory gashes
Jabbed viciously
Impaled on the crucifix
Never to have the ache
Kissed with a healing balm
It spurts out fountains of steaming
Blood like Caesar’s at the Capitol !
Copyright Lily Swarn 7.6.2016

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