Gayatri Mavuru (India)

Gayatri Mavuru (India)
Gayatri Mavuru is a Bhubaneswar-based poet, artist, social activist, choreographer, educator and social entrepreneur. She is the founder and Director of Cherry Blossoms Pre-School. She is also the founder and a managing trustee of Sri Gayatri Vidya Vikas Educational Trust, which deals with women empowerment and education for the underprivileged, and promotes art, culture, literature and heritage. Her book ‘Sizzling Verses – Drizzling Colours’ presents a unique blend of poems and paintings, attesting her skill in using the pen and the paintbrush with equal finesse. Her works have been published in various national and international magazines. She has also contributed poems to more than ten anthologies. Recently, she got featured in the W&Art, a magazine featuring contemporary women in art. Recently she have compiled and edited two national Anthologies entitled Vasudha and Vasudha 2. She describes herself as a painter turned poet, since the colours on her palette inspire her to paint her verses
.. And That’s how every “Butterfly” is born
When tears are burning;
blood is freezing;
heart is crying;
brain is bleeding;
breaths are choking now and then.
When ears are echoing;
tongue is parching;
skin is shedding;
fingers are shaking;
and the whole body is dying off.
Come on dear, butterfly!
Stretch yourself a bit more;
believe in yourself a bit more;
love yourself a bit more;
hold your head high a bit more.
People may insult you;
judge you;
criticize you;
and finally leave you
for no reason of your heart.
Let them be there
where they want to live;
Don’t look back
and make them realize
what they have lost;
Your life is not finished
but to be started afresh.
Very soon you are going to
flutter your wings;
live your dreams;
fly high;
and surely will reach up to the sky.
Getting transformed
from a seed into a huge tree;
a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly
your life is leading
a painful phase; worth to face.
For you it is so strange;
but I’m sure you will enjoy the change.
-Gayatri Mavuru
All rights reserved

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