In the Beginning / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

In the Beginning

From the beginning of time
has endeavored to know
what this is all about
look around
breathe deeply of the miracle of creation
the universe and multiverses
of infinity wrapped in eternity….

From the shadow of the cave
did humanity emerge
glanced up at the night sky
in awesome fear and wonder
asked –
who am I
what is my purpose
what is this that exists
who sustains it……..

Tens of thousands of years later
we still ask these questions
baffling and mystifying
causing men and women to quaking……

We are the asking beings –
homo inquisitivus
no other creature asks
we do
and there are many answers to be mined
gems of discovery
if we are brave enough to go deeply….

The destination remains the same
only our route variegated
what to choose from the buffet
for the senses
who isn’t a lover of wisdom
found hidden in God’s toy chest…..

Of this I’m certain
we will never know the whole truth
nothing but the truth of the essences
of things
until we shed these costumes
enter a new space
this is a dress rehearsal
for the next act
when these questions of cosmic origins
more freely and honestly deliberated…..

Can’t wait till we hear Plato’s take on it….
he and Aristotle will argue for awhile….

Of course…those two…still competing…

Then over yonder on that far side of the galaxy
Einstein and Richard Feynman
go head to head
dismissing the old man
who doesn’t mind
Einstein went back to playing his violin
coyly smiling……..

It never ends…

Maybe that is the answer……

It never ends
only the questions repeating
and finally
answers will be forthcoming
or we will find out
the answers
were never really worth knowing…….


©Linda B. Scanlan, 2018

Photo: courtesy of Sheila Finamore ©


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