Poems by Asha Kiran Sharma

Poems by Asha Kiran Sharma
In love with life
I haven’t ever heard
Any sound Of Love !!!!
I won’t say I am in love…
Only feels , I do agree.
My heart is beating so fast…
I don’t know why ?
Keeps on Repeating so high…
Is it love or what ?
I am scared of love…
People hurts in love.
Is it to live a sweet life…
Or to see the way to hell.
Oh God save me from fake…
Give me space in spiritual lake.
Storm of my heart
When Sea and Sky can meet at a Distance…
Standing on the Shore of an Ocean…
Silently Watching Them Meeting Across…
Can’t My Thoughts Touch Your Vibes…
My Mind Standing there Thinking A Lot…
Why Storm of My Heart clearing them all.

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